Orligno 200 a new pathway in wood gasification boiler technology

ORLIGNO 200 offer unique design as well as a range of constructional solutions benefits the comfort of use and customer satisfaction. Technical parameters resulting from wood combustion process meet the most rigorous European norms and provide nearly twice as much heat as traditional boilers or fireplaces. The appliances can work in open as well as pressurized systems in accordance with current regulations.

ORLIGNO 200 boilers are designed to heat a variety of places. They are most commonly used in detached houses, drying rooms, production halls and workshops. Available types are as follows: 18 kW, 25 kW, 40 kW, 60 kW, 80 kW.

The ORLIGNO 200 boiler can combust wood of various granulation from sawdust to blocks. Shavings and other small pieces should be burnt together with blocks.


  • Boiler advantages
  • Efficiency 91%
  • 3-year warranty for boiler tightness
  • Low cost maintenance
  • User-friendly
  • Small amount of ash residue
  • Large loading capacity
  • Length of wooden blocks 50 cm (18, 25, 40 kW), 75 cm (60 kW), 100 cm (80 kW)
  • Up to 12 hours continuous operation
  • Types available 18-80 kW
  • Electronic regulator with an option to fit remote control system
  • Made of the best quality 8mm boiler steel
  • rd Environmentally friendly; boiler in the 3 emission class according to PN-303-5
  • Suitable to operate in a pressurized systems

Microprocessor temperature regulator Ekoster 2 is designed to control the heating process and theactivation of circulation pump in the central heating installation.


  • The regulator fulfils the following tasks:
  • Upholding the pre-set boiler temperature through heating control
  • Smooth start of the fan which eliminates wood gas detonations
  • Adjustable fan power (service mode)
  • Programmable boiler blow
  • Automatic control turn-off after boiler extinction
  • Blocking fan operation when stoking to the boiler
  • Central heating circulation pump control
  • “COMFORT SYSTEM”- a system that prevents the pump blockages when the boiler is not inoperation
  • Protection from boiler freezing and overheating
  • Signalling when the boiler temperature sensor is damaged
  • Modulated intensity of the display, it increases when the settings are being changed
  • Compatible with Ekoster Control remote control system