Orlan 40

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Orlan Eko 40 High Efficiency Wood/Coal Burning Gasification Residential Boiler 91% – 137,000 BTU

Orlan 40

Orlan 40

Orlan Eko 40 Wood Steel Boiler provide a convenient, safe and environmentally friendly way to heat your home and domestic hot water with wood. Orlan Eko boilers assure the independence and self-reliance that heating with several different fuel options-wood, 50% coal/wood chips, saw dust, pellets and corn cobs with kernels. Because the boilers use wood gasification combustion, they give unusually high overall heating efficiency up to 91% and will hold heat from single load up to 12 hours. They use substantially less wood or other burning material than conventional boilers and outdoor water stoves with no visible smoke when fully operating. 91% efficiency Orlan Eko wood burning and gasification combustion boilers may be used for heating any kind of building.

They are mostly used in one-family houses, drying houses, workshops, halls, or greenhouses. However, boiler placement is not limited to these applications; the above are just examples of where EKO-Line boilers have worked with success. The EKO-Line wood burning boilers has a large finned firebox and secondary combustion chamber maximize the burn time and minimize wood consumption. Easy adjustments to the automatic temperature control, secondary air regulator, and flue gas damper enhance fire maintenance.

  • Optimized Combustion.
  • Up to 91% efficiency.
  • Output modulating from 40% to 100%.
  • Designed to Ensure uniform thermal load.
  • One load lasting from 8 to 12 hours.
  • ETL Approved.
  • Swing-open burner door for easy service.
  • Sealed wood gasification chamber – used simultaneously as a loading chamber.
  • Fully assembled, ready for installation.
  • Adapted for closed (pressurized) or open hot water systems.
  • Secondary Combustion Chamber for High Efficiency and Low Emissions.
  • RK2001R4E Boiler electronic regulator mounted directly on top ot the boiler for improved response.
  • Ash Tray.
  • Draft regulator.
  • Fan – linked to the microchip controller, monitoring the quality of the whole burning process – on Orlan Eko 60 and 80 models.
  • Spacious fire box to increase autonomous.
  • Made from Boiler Steel.

  • Smoke tube heat exchanger – (flue gas to water) heats up the installation water.
  • Exhaust reheat space – the main combustion chamber, where temperature reaches about 2000 degreesF serves as an ash pit.
  • Nozzle – made of refractory concrete, mixes wood gases with the secondary air and a flammable mixture is produced that undergoes self-ignition at about 1000 degrees.
  • Safe guard thermostat – each boiler is equipped with an additional safe guard thermostat, which switches off the fan while the water gets up to 180F.
  • Chimney flap – made of high quality steel. Tight flap adhesion to the combustion duct assures the burning chamber tightness .
  • Ash pit – steel bottom of the burning chamber, ceramic ash pit added (working temp. 2200 F) and additionally covered by refractory concrete .
  • Boiler door – produced of high quality steel, insulated with Nobasil thermal insulation and inside covered by refractory concrete layer.
  • Boiler door protected with heat-resisting fiberglass cord.
  • Anti-Burn Levers for Doors.
  • Factory tested.
Heating Capacity 4000 / 7000 Sq. Ft.
Power output 40 kW
Weight 595 kg
Exhaust gas pipe diameter 200 mm
Efficiency 91 %
Water capacity 93 L
Height 1570 mm
Width 720 mm
Depth 1020 mm
Max working pressure 1.8 bar
Max. length of wood 500 mm
Outlet and inlet size 2 inch
Power supply 230V / 50Hz


  1. Hi I have a 1200 sq ft house and with furnace in basement
    and think its time to replace it as it is over 30 yrs old.
    Do you sell indoor furnaces if so what would price on
    a furnace this size be?

  2. Hi I have a 100yr old 2500 sq ft farm house and with a forced air oil furnace and a wood add on furnace beside it in the basement.
    I’m interested in wood/coal burning and gasification.
    Do you sell indoor furnaces that would accommodate those features and if so, what would the price on a furnace this size be?
    The Orlan 40 looks interesting as does the kuuma 200.

  3. loking for new boiller,the 40 would be what i need . How mch is it landed in nova scotia canada,

  4. Could I get a price list? The house is 5000 sq feet.

  5. i would like more info on the orlan 40,we have a 1500 sq ft home,well insulate in mid ont.Is this unit suitable as an outdoor burner,cost of unit etc.Looking foward to hearing from you. Tom McGuire

  6. I have 3000 sq foot house with propane boiler. Would like to add an indoor wood boiler. What size would you recommend and what cost?

  7. I have a 40 orlen. It’s not firing. Can you tell me why ?

  8. I’m interested in your residential heating units. Can you please tell me if you have a distributor in Ottawa?


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  11. I need new nozzels for my eko 40. Do you keep them in stock?

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  16. I have an Orlan super 40. It was installed for winter 2012 has worked pretty well, however, while it was presumed of suitable size for my 1800 sq. Ft old house it does need re-loading every 4 hours. I have 2000 litres of water storage and it takes 3 firings to raise the temperature from 70 F to 180 F, this with seasoned hardwood. I estimate fuel consumption to be roughly 40 Pounds per hour!
    I now wish I had instead chosen the model 60 to reduce frequency of firing.
    Going into my 6th year the nozzle has now eroded to the point it is about 3 inches wide. This seem to me a rather rapid rate of wear for brick material>

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