Liepsnelė solid fuel boilers

Liepsnelė solid fuel boilers

Who are we? We are professionals who for over 10 years have been producing and consistently perfecting upper combustion solid fuel boilers for both Lithuanian and foreign markets. Over a span of these years we have developed invaluable expertise in the field of heat production and now the time has come to share this expertise with YOU!

Our mission is to produce our products in a professional and responsible manner, employ laboratory tests for a continuous improvement of product quality and efficiency; always take into account the needs and comments of customers and react to them promptly; improve staff working conditions and ensure the development of the company. No matter how small or large, all kinds of customers who need us and take interest in our production, will have our attention.

Our goals are to become a well-known and reputable company both on Lithuanian and foreign markets; seek a long-term cooperation with foreign partners; increase mass production and sales of high quality, innovative and necessary products; continuously train the current staff and involve new employees.

Why say yes to “LIEPSNELĖ”?

– New, eye-catching design! Easy mounting and problem-free maintenance! Universal application. High efficiency. Combustion time of a loading exceeds the combustion time in a lower combustion boiler 1.5-3 times.

Boiler Construction

1. Thermal traction controller.

2. Cable lifting system.

3. Air damper with air injection fan.

4. Traction controller stem (rod).

5. Coupling for heated water.

6. The air heating chamber.

7. Smoke exhaust outlet.

8. Lift cable for air supply distributor.

9. Barrage (wood fire/coal) shift handle, installed behind the air intake tube

10. Fuel loading doors.

11. Air distributor.

12. Fuel.

13. Ash removal door.

14. Coupling for the safety valve.

15. Coupling for return water.

16. Air intake tube (telescopic).

17. When installing the boiler, poured concrete floor.

18. Concrete or other heat-resistant.

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